Sold-Out Series:

Each Enumero Crib Board belongs to a series. Boards in a series usually have something
in common. They could be made with the same types of wood or even being made from
the same piece of wood. When that series is sold-out, the series name is retired  (unless
its a sequential series, such as Comedic Teams Series I, Series II,.etc.). This page shows
past Series that have Sold Out. To see various examples of the types of boards I make

Sold Out In...

Sold-Out Series (117)
2006 (4)
Apollo Moon Landings
Comedic Teams Series I
Great City Fires Series I
Countries with the Most Borders
2007 (7)
8000 Meter Peaks Series I
Stolen Strads Series I
Great Escapes at the Movies
7 Famous Blunders
Floor Boards Series I
Only the Good Die Young
Comedic Teams Series II
2008 (6)
8000 Meter Peaks Series II
High 5
California Ghost Towns II
California Ghost Towns I
A Trio of Space Annivesaries
Saturn Moons (Series I)
2009 (10)
7 Time Tour de France Winner *
7 Course Meal of Extinct Candy
Fictional Elements of the Universe
The Mercury 13 Astronauts
The Committee of Five
The Apollo Lunar Modules
The 7 Ancient Souls of Egypt
Driver Thru Trees - Series I
Famous Twins Series I
The Moons of Pluto
2010 (17)
3 Long Day Hikes
Comedic Teams Series III
Six Cardinal Directions
4 Nations of the United Kingdom
4 Forces of the Universe
Comedic Teams - Series IV
1st Woman & Man to Break the Sound Barrier
12 Great Inventors
4 Legends of the Old West
The Odd Couple & It's Spinoffs
California Ghost Towns III
Variation on a Theme I
13 Historic Presidents
Famous Literary Rejects I
4 Galilean Moons
9 Named Space Shuttles
12 Famous Grand Prix Drivers
2011  (13)
Famous Literary Rejections - Series II
Variation on a Theme -Series V - Keyed String
California Ghost Towns Series IV
Funny Sounding Instruments - Series I
Human vs Machine in Game Play
Successful Mars Lander & Rover Expeditions
Variation on a Theme - Series IV Viol
10 Important & Notable Native Americans
4 Elements of Ancient Greece
Prime Numbers Series I
Variation on a Theme - Series III Violin
Variation on a Theme - Series II Banjo
3 NASA Moon Bibles
2012 (14)
Comedic Teams V - The Three Stooges
Great Explorers - Series I
5 Neighboring Stars Visible to the Naked
Solid States of Carbon
World Champion Chess Players Series II
Notable English Gardens with Aceretums
Famous Literary Rejects Series 3
Famous Literary Rejects Series 4
Famous Twins Series V
A Marathon of Distance Between Sky & Sea
Famous Twins II
Famous Twins III
World Champion Chess Players Series I
Variation on a Theme Series 7 The Starship Enterprise
2013 (16)
Women Who've Flown in Space 5X
8 Notable Apple Inc. Innovations
World Firsts for the City of Manchester, England
Extinct Marsupials I
The 3 Lunar Rovers
Variation on a Theme 6 Rubiks Cube World Records
5 Time Tour de France Winners Series 3
5 Time Tour de France Winners Series 4
The 4 Faces of Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Hypothetical Particle Accelerators
Famous Twins VI
5 Time Tour de France Winners 2
Great Explorers II
Famous Twins IV
Only the Good Die Young Series II
The Stars of Plaides
Variation on a Theme - VIII
5 Time Tour de France Winners 1
Fly Me to the Moon 2X
10 Notable African American Inventors/Scientists
Eleven Lesser Known Inventors
The 12 Signs of the Zodiac
Only the Good Die Young Series III
2015 (5)
7 Stellar Objects Visible to the Naked Eye
Floor Boards-Series II
Famous People Who Never Were
6 Notable Frankensteins
The 12 Astronauts Who've Walked
on the Moon
2016 (8)
Mars Moons
Pluto's Moons - II
Marathon of Distance II
The Eagle Nebula
4 Terrestial Planets
Variation on a Theme XII
Ten (eleven) Notable Factoids about
the Golden Gate Bridge
2017 (11)
Star Trek Captains
6 Notable Events that  Occurred on April 23rd
Feeling the Need for Speed
100th Series
Weird Chess Games Series I
Not Your Every Day Serpent
California Ghost Towns V
4 Great Observatories
Very Funny Ladies I
Neptune's Moons
Short CV for Our Country's Greatest President
2018 (8)
Living Fossils
Variation On a Theme XV
It's Complicated...
A Trio of Unusual Cephalopods
Variation on a Theme X
Favorite Comic Strips of
the Past & Present
Missing States
Variation on Theme XI
Hypothetical Partical Sampler